Asotin inmates to be housed at Nez Perce County Jail

Asotin city councilors have approved a contract to allow the city to house long-term prisoners at the Nez Perce County Jail next year.

The contract, which officials say needs a few adjustments, is expected to save Asotin about $450 a month. The city housed its prisoners in the Asotin County Jail at around $55 per prisoner, per day, but a draft contract proposed earlier this year would have upped the price to $65.50 per prisoner, per day.  The contract with Nez Perce County sets a price of $50 per prisoner, per day without cost for transport.

Short-term holds, including cite and release bookings, would likely still be handled at the Asotin County Jail, and the county is required by law to take all felony prisoners.

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