Lewiston man arrested after meth offer texted to police officer

A Lewiston man apparently trying to find someone to join him in a drug buy accidentally texted a narcotics detective.

Lewiston Police arrested 37-year-old Aaron Templeton on suspicion of conspiracy to deliver methamphetamine.

Court records say a police detective received a text Wednesday morning asking if he knew anyone looking for drugs. After determining it wasn’t his co-workers playing a joke, the detective arranged to meet the man to deliver $150 that would be pooled with money from other buyers to enable a bulk purchase of meth. Templeton was arrested when he arrived at the designated meeting place, behind the Lewiston Center Mall.

Police recovered his cellphone, which they say included the text messages regarding the deal.

Also taken into custody was 24-year-old Hannah Keen, for possession of drug paraphernalia. Both are being held at the Nez Perce County Jail.  (AP)

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