Clarkston proposes 1% property tax hike, stays with ambulance service

The Clarkston City Council this week voted in favor of drafting a resolution to raise property taxes by 1 percent in 2013, and it will go to a vote at the next council meeting.

City officials said the council has opted not to raise property taxes for several years, but inflation is driving up costs and the city can’t keep up.

Property taxes collected by the city are split with 60 percent going to the general fund and 40 percent going to the street fund. Officials estimate the city will collect about $526,000 in 2013.

Meanwhile, Clarkston leaders have agreed councilors to send a letter to the city of Lewiston saying there may be a time for a discussion on opening negotiations for ambulance services, but not this year.

Last month, the city of Lewiston proposed having the two councils sit down together to negotiate a service agreement for Lewiston to once again provide ambulance transport services for Clarkston. That service-delivery model was used for decades before negotiations broke down three years ago, and Clarkston started its own ambulance service. The service has been subsidized by Clarkston’s general fund since its inception.

The consensus was Clarkston’s current system is working just fine.

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