Armed man in security video sorry he alarmed Idaho legislators

A Meridian man who prompted security concerns at the Idaho Capitol after wearing a gun on his hip into the state House and snooping around lawmakers’ desks says he is sorry for alarming legislators.

47-year-old Bryan Carter was caught on surveillance video for the Jan. 10 incident in which he joined a tour of Boy Scouts and their parents, then wandered through the House chamber, taking photographs of lawmakers’ desks and documents, and reaching into the trash for a discarded paper, which he returned.

Carter said he didn’t mean any harm, and while Idaho State Police say Carter committed no crime, the video prompted the enactment of temporary closure hours for the House and Senate chambers.

Senate President Pro Tem Brent Hill, House Speaker Scott Bedke and other Republican leaders were to meet Wednesday to discuss Capitol security. However, Hill says reviving the 1996-to-2008 gun ban in the Capitol is not on the table.

Hill joined Bedke and House Minority Leader John Rusche, of Lewiston, in saying that they support broad public access. Rusche doesn’t think one occurrence should dictate a severe restriction.  (Idaho Statesman)

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