Idaho GOP voices opposition to state-based health exchange

The Idaho Republican Party is officially opposed to Gov. Butch Otter’s plans for a state-based health insurance exchange.

State GOP officials first voiced their opposition following the governor’s State of the State address in January. The party followed that up this week by sending to Republican members of the Legislature its official resolution that opposes the insurance exchange.

After months of deliberation, Otter announced in December that he supports the creation of a state-based health insurance exchange as a means of bringing Idaho in compliance with federal health insurance mandates. The provisions require each state to either establish a health insurance exchange on its own, leave it to the federal government to set it up, or pursue a “hybrid” approach where state and federal agencies collaborate to create one.

The Idaho Republican Party feels “providing healthcare or health insurance is not the proper role of government, as it is the function of the free market and local churches and charities.”

The battle over a state-based health exchange will be heard by the Senate Commerce Committee on Tuesday.  (

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