Idaho sheriffs agree to support gun laws

The Idaho Sheriffs’ Association passed a resolution at its annual legislative meeting in Boise this week calling for the state’s 44 sheriffs to enforce all laws – including gun mandates – and stresses that it’s up to the courts, not sheriffs, to interpret the constitutionality of a law.

The resolution comes as sheriffs across the country, including Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue, have questioned federal gun control orders from President Barack Obama.

Donahue issued a statement last month saying Obama’s executive orders were “political posturing” that wouldn’t accomplish anything. He did note that his office already enforces many of the president’s proposals.

Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney, who serves as president of the state sheriffs’ association, wrote an opinion piece in the Idaho Statesman saying he would enforce all laws, even ones with which he disagrees.

The statement from the state association mirrors that issued by the National Sheriffs’ Association. Both call for the cause of violence to be “addressed on many fronts, including improved mental health treatment, media violence, drugs, gangs, breakdown of the family, strengthening laws that prevent or reduce the access of legally prohibited persons to firearms, and vigorous enforcement of existing laws.”  (Idaho Statesman)

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