Washington governor’s office details impacts of possible government shutdown

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee’s budget office released a memo Thursday detailing potential impacts if there is a government shutdown.

The Legislature has to pass a budget by the end of the month in order to avoid a shutdown. While there has been some progress towards a deal between Republicans and Democrats in recent days, helped by a rosier state revenue projections, the Legislature has fell short on agreement during the course of the regular session, a 30-day special session, and the first week and a half of a second overtime session.

Should lawmakers fail to reach agreement on a spending plan by June 30, the governor’s office says the partial shutdown of state government would include suspension of state-subsidized child care for mothers moving from public assistance to the workforce; suspension of Fish and Wildlife enforcement activities and some sport and commercial fisheries; and suspension of Women Infants and Children – or WIC – food and nutrition, and other operations regulated by the Department of Health and Welfare.

Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance programs would continue for the time being, though state-only programs such as medical services for aged, blind and disabled, and the children’s health care program for undocumented children would be suspended.

No budget deal would also result in closure of state parks and cancellation of current camping reservations. Washington State Patrol investigations of traffic and auto theft would also be put on hold.  (Seattle Times)

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